Design and Construction Development Advisory

MG3 Group’s Development division guides clients and investors through projects from conception to completion. MG3 Group’s innovative and experienced team advises on all aspects of a project’s Planning and scheduling, Budget Cost Management, Forecasting, sustainability and risk management, and strategic, advantage-based decision-making.

MG3 Group seeks to maximize the client’s ROI with proficient project controls for capital sustainability and by making informed decisions at every step of the development process.

MG3 Group’s Development team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the many parts of the development process:
Project Conception

Conducts lot qualification and due diligence at municipality level.

Cost Management 

Identifying all available resources and any project risks, creating a controlled budget incorporating cost estimates, schedule baselines and known trends.

Permit Processes

Coordinates with municipality on zoning, rules and regulations, ordinances, and variances.

Progress Management

Collaboration at all levels. Incorporating the outputs from schedule analysis and cost reporting to assess progress in terms of project percentage completion. This is accomplished with physical assessment, measurement, and earned-value analysis.

Project Planning

Definition of the project scope and its complexity, studying plan designs of the different Design Disciplines, Design Coordination, BIM, and CAD.

Change Management

Defining a framework for identifying, quantifying, and managing scope changes, and reporting them as they affect the overall project budget and schedule. This includes tracking changes at all stages and incorporating them into the project schedule and cost forecasts.

Schedule management

Using specialized software to control costs and all aspects of a project’s timing and organization.

Risk Management 

Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Control. A framework for identifying and managing project risks, and insuring regular risk conversations are held with the appropriate stakeholders.


Carry out project cost and schedule controls along with economic analysis that becomes the basis for an overall budget. This becomes the basis for project decision-making by incorporating appropriate rates, allowances, and risk assumptions.

Project Reporting

Structure Content, formatted to the intended audience/receiver, including timely reporting in accordance with contracts, and consistent information related to the project.

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